Polar Bear Photographs Could Get Up to A Million at Auction

The art world is all abuzz today about the photography of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle and his pictures that could actually reach a million dollars when they are sold at Sotheby’s in NYC this weekend, making the bear one of the highest paid animal photographers. This all started when a Danish adventurer

New Firefox Extension Lets You Connect to Dead Sites

Remember all those old sites that you used to enjoy that just aren’t there anymore? While some of those can still be found on Google’s archives, wouldn’t it be great to be able to go back in time and see them again? Well now you can with a new extension for Firefox called the T.A.R.D.I.S.,

State Farm Introduces Zombie Insurance

The other day I was just checking my mail when I got this interesting envelope that showed a picture of a zombie and the caption “Could this be you?” I gasped and muttered under my breath, “I certainly hope not.” I will admit the ploy made me curious. So I opened it up, half expecting

Dog Rips Up Winning Lottery Ticket

Forget the Mega-Millions for a second and let’s feel a bit sorry for Boris Carthos, a Florida native, who had a little bit of bad luck recently when he won Florida’s own lottery worth $9 million dollars. They say that winning can ruin your life, but Carthos didn’t have the chance to find out, because

College Teaches Course on Partying and Drinking

When I went to college, which was a haze, I think it would have been good if someone taught me the proper etiquette of tequila shots, toga parties and beer keggers, rather than me finding out for myself in a drunken stupor that would have wound up on Facebook if it had been available then.

Batman Stopped by Police

It was a good thing that in Gotham City, Batman had the support of the local law enforcement, because he was often seen speeding in his Batmobile to rescue some poor children from a burning bus or trying to stop the Joker from being up to mischief.

Zebra Sticks Head in Car, Steals Man’s iPhone

A man was just sitting in a wooded area waiting for his wife to get back from the outdoor bathrooms when he got a surprise. A zebra reached its head into his car and grabbed the smartphone, scaring the heck out of him. His wife returned to find him visually shaken in the passenger seat.

Man’s Head Explodes After Dumb Conversation

We’ve heard of spontaneous combustion, but a man in New York is the first documented case of a political conversation causing his actual head to explode. It all started, witnesses say, when the man was sitting in the restaurant with three lovely ladies and the talk turned to the dreaded topic, the presidential race. For

Cave Painting Resembles Apple iPad

Archaeologists in Spain have stumbled upon a new cave painting that could literally change the way we see prehistoric man and how he learned about fire. The work, which focuses on a cave family are all sitting around waiting for their father to start a fire. He seems to be having trouble, but is looking

Killer Whale Eats Penguin Display

An orca, ironically named Batman after the superhero, swam into the Penguin Enclosure at WetWorld Tuesday morning, where he started eating his way through the population and the park’s newest zoological display. While killer whales are generally not dangerous to humans, unless they get really mad about being in captivity, they do enjoy the bite