Don’t Let Misconceptions Fool You: Social, Health and Nature Concepts

Common misconceptions have the ability to lull you into a false sense of security. They make you believe one reality, when in fact, there is a very different situation at hand. Some of the most common misconceptions involve health, the natural world, and social aspects. It’s amazing how many people are willing to believe the

The 5 Senses Misconception

All people are taught from an early age that human beings have 5 main senses: touch, taste, sound, feel, and hearing. Without them, all of us would have trouble safely functioning within our daily lives. They help us to locate food, avoid accidents, and to express ourselves as well. These are the 5 senses that

Interesting Animal Misconceptions

The animal kingdom fascinates many people because it is filled with creatures that have special abilities that human beings could never match. However, there are some common misconceptions relating to animals and their abilities, or lack thereof. Animals are generally thought of as being lesser than humans. Most people lump them into broad categories, often

Human Misconceptions that Cause Fear

Fear is the basis for misconceptions that spread quickly from one person to another. When these misconceptions involve human beings, they gain much more attention as a result. One of the issues that spread quickly, involved sleep walkers. For years, people believed that waking a sleep walker could cause them psychological harm. This is simply

Entertaining Internet Rumors Abroad

Online rumors can cause nothing more than a 2-day fascination, or they can become a longterm conspiracies. The age of information access has led to countless rumors and false accusations. People who are ignorant tend to spread the rumor quickly through social media and other websites. Most of these rumors are harmless, but others  have

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells?

Alcohol, in moderation, provides a great way to relax after a hard day of work, and it is frequently enjoyed by family and friends. However, there is a common misconception that alcohol use kills brain cells. Moderate alcohol consumption does not damage or kill brain cells. Irresponsible alcohol use can indeed damage the brain, but

Polar Bear Photographs Could Get Up to A Million at Auction

The art world is all abuzz today about the photography of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle and his pictures that could actually reach a million dollars when they are sold at Sotheby’s in NYC this weekend, making the bear one of the highest paid animal photographers. This all started when a Danish adventurer

New Firefox Extension Lets You Connect to Dead Sites

Remember all those old sites that you used to enjoy that just aren’t there anymore? While some of those can still be found on Google’s archives, wouldn’t it be great to be able to go back in time and see them again? Well now you can with a new extension for Firefox called the T.A.R.D.I.S.,

State Farm Introduces Zombie Insurance

The other day I was just checking my mail when I got this interesting envelope that showed a picture of a zombie and the caption “Could this be you?” I gasped and muttered under my breath, “I certainly hope not.” I will admit the ploy made me curious. So I opened it up, half expecting

Dog Rips Up Winning Lottery Ticket

Forget the Mega-Millions for a second and let’s feel a bit sorry for Boris Carthos, a Florida native, who had a little bit of bad luck recently when he won Florida’s own lottery worth $9 million dollars. They say that winning can ruin your life, but Carthos didn’t have the chance to find out, because